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Some of the best things in the world are also the simplest. Bread and cheese are amongst those things.

I was disappointed after moving to Europe and discovering the breakfast/brunch options. I love having a great omelet, frittata, or some other hearty egg dish… with a bloody mary of course. That is near impossible to find over there. But there is actually something much better… something I call the “French breakfast”.

I call it the French breakfast because it is bread, brie, butter, and jam – all ingredients that are best in France. It is eaten by layering the brie, butter, and jam on the bread as the perfect bite. While I always see those ingredients served together, I never thought about eating them in the same bite until I saw my friends do it in… France. I was disgusted when I saw it, because is it really necessary to eat butter AND brie together?! The answer is yes. So unhealthy and worth every bite.

I rarely eat French breakfast, especially now that I’m mostly gluten-free, but it was very appropriate as a once-a-year treat when my friends visited last weekend. It was the Nor Cal interpretation of it, with local bread and cheeses. Instead of just serving brie, I went with a perfect cheese plate and included both truffle and regular bries, feta, blue, and something yellowish. The brie was the best for the perfect bite with butter and jam, but it was good having the rest for a variation. A side of fruit and mimosas completed our breakfast. YUM.

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