I’m not 16 and I want to wear a crop top

I notice people are really embracing crop tops this summer, more so than last year when they first came back on the scene. There are some aspects of the crop top I love. But, it’s not 2000, we’re not Britney Spears, and we don’t have six-packs.  The modern day crop rules are very different for the sasstress and can actually be quite flattering (even if you don’t have a flat stomach) as it accentuates the waist. More importantly, you won’t look like you’re a teenager going to a festival.crop tops

Photo credits starting from left: Balenciaga Spring 2013, center: Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific, right: alice + olivia Resort 2014

Belly button and six pack exposure are the signs of bad crop top wear. As a general rule, a crop top needs to be paired with a high waisted bottom and balanced with a contrasting bottom based on the fit.

I’m absolutely loving the 3 looks above. In the Balenciaga box crop top (left) is paired with a more fitted skirt, while Blair Eadie of the blog Atlantic-Pacific (center) pairs her American Apparel fitted crop top with this full Tibi lace skirt for a more conservative look. Even when a fitted crop top is paired with pants, the bottom should have a looser fit like the above look from the alice + olivia Resort 2014 collection (right).

Belly button exposure still have a time and place – at the pool or a beach vacation.

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