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eazy breezy-3

On Sunday I headed to wine country with my friend Lauren who is visiting from Toronto. Since we stayed in Yountville and tasted at wineries just south of there during her last visit, we decided to head to Calistoga for this trip. My first stop for any Napa valley wine tasting trip is a champagne-ry, Domaine Chandon or Domaine Carneros to be exact. Last time was Domaine Carneros, so we went for a change of scenery at Domaine Chandon before heading up to the Calistoga area. Although I was expecting much sunnier weather than what we actually experienced, it was still warm enough to wear our summer dresses. I kept it easy breezy with this new dress that I picked up at Anthropologie last week. It is light and summery, and most importantly left plenty of room for all the wine and amazing food I consumed that day.

anthropologie dress (on sale)  //  anthropologie bucket bag (on sale in stores, also love this and this)  //  Zara sandals (old) //  Celine sunglasses (similar here)

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a few friday favorites (instagram edition)

bistro jeanty

After a few 12+ hour workdays, this really has been the longest week. But SO excited because one of my closest friends arrives today for a week long visit and we're heading to Calistoga for the weekend. Totally ready for some vino. For this week's favorites, I'm changing it up a little and putting a few of my favorite recent Instagram pics. You can follow me on Instagram here and I'm sure I'll be posting a lot of wine and sun this weekend. Hope you have a blast too! above: A quick day trip to Napa with lunch at the Bistro Jeanty. Such a cute setting... highly recommended! My sister's adorable puppy (she's a pomeranian poodle) climbing on top of me. She gets pretty excited! Taking a … Read More

5 hair myths that may change your routine

lauren conrad

Beauty myths are always buzzing. As I'm always most concerned about hair and that is coincidentally the area I've had the most experience in (okay, both personally and professionally), it is the hair myths that always stick in my mind. And it's these 5 in particular. 1. Washing your hair is bad for it. People love to find new ways to wash their hair as little as possible. Maybe I'm being overly sassy, but it just seems like this myth became popular out of a mass desire to be lazy. While washing your hair too often, especially if you have a dry scalp, may not be great for it, having excess oil and adding more hair products (dry shampoo, I'm looking at you) isn't great for it either. It can … Read More

wine tasting weekend packing list

wine tasting weekend packing list

Sometimes going on vacation can actually be quite stressful. I end up working so much before and after that I wonder... am I better off just not taking the vacation at all? I'm in that mode right now for only a few vacation days... just working away. I'm sure you've all been there. While I know the rest of this week is going to be quite busy, I'm really excited because one of my closest friends Lauren is coming to visit and we're going on a few trips around CA. This weekend, we'll be heading up far north in wine country to Calistoga where we're planning to take advantage of the hot springs. There will be one day that we'll spend mostly at the hot springs, pool, maybe even the spa and the … Read More

the treadmill v. outdoor running debate

running at Kezar

Running is my workout of choice and after a few months of it slipping on my list of priorities, I'm beginning to increase my mileage. I'm not fast, but I enjoy it, which is the most important thing when finding a fitness routine. You'll stick to what you like. And running seems to be the activity that everyone would like to enjoy so I tend to get a lot of questions about it. One of the most common is: treadmill or outdoors? I go back and forth on this myself but the response is pretty simple – whichever you will do more often and actually enjoy. When I first started running, I ran exclusively on the treadmill. Outdoors didn't seem appealing. Too many dynamics – the weather, figuring out … Read More

a few friday favorites

Big Sur

The week after a long weekend always feels long, right? I actually had some long days this week and so really, my work week was longer than usual. Monday was the worst – 3 cups of espresso did nothing for me. By Tuesday I was fine but I'm looking forward to re-energizing this weekend! I hope you bounced back from the long weekend better than I did. favorite ways to feel less lazy at work: Though I was feeling drowsy at work on Monday, #7 in particular is something I may buy for the office. Oh and the other 6 ways to be less sedentary at work are pretty good too. No picture needed! (via Summer Tomato) favorite upcoming CA vacation spot: Big Sur is on my list of Nor Cal places to … Read More

kale, cucumber and mint salad with lemon-yogurt dressing

cucumber mint kale salad with yogurt dressing

The lunch options immediately surrounding my office include a few good salad spots... and a Super Duper burger. While I would like to eat burgers more often than I like to admit (and especially Super Duper - soooo good!!), I typically opt for salads. One of my favorite places to pick up a salad is a cafeteria style cafe called Heyday. They usually only have 4-5 salads, most of which stay the same and a few that vary seasonally or for the special of the day. One of the newest "seasonal" salads is a cucumber romaine salad with tahini-lemon dressing, pumpkin seeds, and mint. It is pretty good, especially because it reminds me of a Persian cucumber-mint yogurt that I love. It has a romaine base … Read More

my 10 travel beauty essentials

travel beauty essentials

I use a lot of beauty products on a daily basis. A year ago, it was mostly makeup and hair products, but now that I'm working for a skincare company I'm using a full skincare regimen as well. All of this is typically way too much to bring along on any trip, so when I travel I have to make choices. Of course on an extended plane trip (where I check in a bag) or when I take a road trip, I may throw in more. Or, if I'm having some skin issues, I'll go ahead and pack my entire skincare regimen. But otherwise I rely on the necessities and take advantage of products like shampoo, conditioner, and face wash that the hotel or friend who I may be staying with has. My travel beauty essentials … Read More

the bright side

the bright side 4

I'm finally coming to the realization that I'm a LA girl at heart. I've lived there for so many years that I know my way around, can deal with the "traffic" (which in my opinion is beyond exaggerated), and have an amazing group of friends. Oh, and the obvious – you can't compare the sunny and warm weather to anything. So obviously, I try to get to LA as much as possible. After spending the last year in SF and the previous few years in Geneva, I realized that my summer "LA" dresses required a refresh before the past weekend trip. Just before heading out of town, I hit all my favorite shops with no success. I finally trekked over to Bloomingdales where there was an amazing sale – you know, … Read More

the “pajama” jumpsuit

pajama-suit (1 of 1)

Although rompers and jumpsuits can be really questionable in terms of practicality, they are just so damn cute. And while my closet has many rompers, I've been keeping my eyes open a jumpsuit (pants version of a romper) that meets my "criteria" (if you've read my previous post on rompers/jumpsuits, you know what I'm referring to). I found this Topshop jumpsuit at Nordstrom a few weeks ago, and well. It is just so damn comfortable that I couldn't resist. The loose jersey material makes it as relaxing as a pair of pajamas, hence the name pajama jumpsuit. Or as my friend Noa calls it, "pajamasuit". I threw it on for my very early morning drive to LA for the holiday weekend, and it was so … Read More