french braids with a twist tutorial


Festivals usually require either a hat or a braid. Or maybe even both. My friend Noa has a preference for a classic crown braid so I styled her for FYF Fest this weekend. Since I like braids that are a little undone, I took the french braids into a messy bun. I used a new trick to secure the braid into the bun so that it would only look undone, but was actually tightly pulled back and stayed intact throughout all the dancing we did. And aside from festivals, this is a look I’ll be sporting on some lazy hair days.

braid each side

The first step after parting the hair is to french braid along the hair line on each side. I prefer to have one side that starts from the part, while the another that starts loosely around the ear.

pull hair through ponytail

The next step is to take the 3 sections (a braid on each side and the loose hair in the middle) and braid it for only an inch before tying it into a ponytail.
Next, you will take the ponytail and pull it up and into the top of the braid, then pulling it around through the bottom.
Continue doing this and wrapping the hair around the braid until all the hair is wrapped.
Use bobby pins to secure the twist and you’re done!

braids (5 of 1)

<top image is the side view via my Instagram>

a few friday favorites

hair mistakes

This has either been the longest or shortest week ever, depending on how you look at it. I've been really, really busy at work and it won't be slowing down for at least the next few weeks. But it's all for something really exciting so it is all worth it. I will be taking a quick break before another hectic week begins to head down to LA for the weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing friends, enjoying some warm weather (it so does not feel like August in SF!) and watching one of my favorite bands, Interpol, perform at FYF. Hope you have a great weekend as well!  As for my favorites... Forget working out, forget shopping... sleep is my new cardio and I hope to get a lot of it this weekend. … Read More

on the road travel playlist

travel playlist

Okay, so the pictures are a little deceiving. While in past summers, I've traveled both near and far, this summer has limited to the near.  And I can't complain... between my girls wine tasting trip, a few warm weekends in LA LA land, and finally seeing Big Sur, it's been a great summer. I can't believe it's coming to an end. Denial. I'm flying out to LA again this weekend for one last warm summer weekend. Whether it's a short flight or a longer road trip, good beats are always a must. With a mix of pop and rock, old and new, here are some of tracks keeping me company on my recent travels. Daft Punk Is Playing At My House, LCD Soundsystem Black Skinhead, Kanye West Do I Wanna Know, … Read More

a french breakfast

french breakfast (1 of 1)

Some of the best things in the world are also the simplest. Bread and cheese are amongst those things. I was disappointed after moving to Europe and discovering the breakfast/brunch options. I love having a great omelet, frittata, or some other hearty egg dish... with a bloody mary of course. That is near impossible to find over there. But there is actually something much better... something I call the "French breakfast". I call it the French breakfast because it is bread, brie, butter, and jam – all ingredients that are best in France. It is eaten by layering the brie, butter, and jam on the bread as the perfect bite. While I always see those ingredients served together, I never … Read More

a few friday favorites


Brain. Slow. After a weekend of fun, of course I spent the week battling a minor flu. It's been hazy over here, but the week is over and I'll finally have the weekend to rest up! Hope you have a good weekend and stay healthy! Oh and after a short hiatus, the friday favorite links return. these strawberry cheesecake popsicles popped up on my Pinterest this week and YUM. (via the Little Epicurean) turns out your ponytail says a lot about you (via The Man Repeller) carrot ribbons take your salads to the next level (via Summer Tomato) the Altuzarra for Target Lookbook has be excited for the launch on September 14 (via Huffington Post) Blair nails it every time... and seriously, … Read More

sick day workwear

sick day - pajama inspired pants

After a fun long weekend celebrating my birthday, I went back to work on Monday only to feel something tingling in my throat late in the day. Sure enough, I woke up Tuesday morning feeling even worse. Like many of us, I had too much on my to-do list and calendar to stay at home. While I may not feel my best, that is the last thing I want to communicate in the office. So when I get dressed for the office on a day that I would rather be resting up at home, it's about balancing comfort with professionalism. Bright colors, whether it's a top or just lipstick, to add vibrance to the skin tone combined with something more relaxing can still look quite professional. I put together three looks … Read More

bloody mary breakfast bar

bloody mary bar (2 of 1)

I had a very fun long weekend celebrating my birthday. A few friends came to visit from LA for the Outside Lands festival which was a blast. We saw Kanye (who was as whiny as expected), Disclosure (but missed Latch!), Big Freeda (who I never heard of before this weekend and was possibly my favorite), and the Killers (who played all their hits)... just to name a few. We headed over to Golden Gate Park for the shows around 2 each day, so we had plenty of time to chill over morning drinks and bites. All the best breakfasts start with a bloody mary appetizer, so I set up a bloody mary bar to allow each of us to customize our own. Mixing appetizer drinks is an easy and entertaining activity to … Read More

a peachy summer

peach shortcake

I know I should be living in the moment, but the end of the summer is near. Sigh. One of my favorite things in the summer (that I haven't been taking advantage of!) is all the fresh fruit that the season brings, and in particularly peaches! After having the most delicious peach jam a few weeks ago and eyeing some peach pastries, I'm inspired to eat as many peaches as possible before the summer ends. And of course eating fresh peaches is not enough, I need a little bit of sweet and salty so I put together some recipes to inspire me. David Lebovitz nails every recipe, so this peach shortcake is sure to be a good one. (via David Lebovitz) With only 5 ingredients, a peach, tomato, … Read More

bigger is better

statement sunglasses

I'm always looking for an excuse to splurge on a big ticket item. My last one was this end of sabbatical work tote and it was so worth it. Since my birthday is just around the corner and I've been feeling like I "need" another pair of sunglasses, it'll likely be my next gift to myself. When it comes to sunglasses, I believe bigger is better. Oversized sunglasses are great for someone who likes to hide behind them and even better to obnoxiously wear year-round. So no, it's not too late in the season to buy another pair. While I have a collection of all kinds, from round to colored frames to aviators, right now I'm looking for a great pair of statement cat-eye glasses. I'm about to pull the … Read More

think pink

pink skirt

I'm celebrating another 30-something birthday this week and well, I'm getting old(er). It only recently hit me that maybe I should start dressing closer to my age when I was shopping at Urban Outfitters and took a look around to realize... that I was one of the oldest people in the store. Since then, I've been trying to steer clear of absolutely anything a pre-teen may wear (goodbye short overalls). And while pink is usually only appropriate for a toddler or Lisa Vanderpump, it just not something that I can seem to outgrow. You can probably tell that I love the color just by the theme of this blog, right? So, obviously the recent pink trend puts a smile on my face and I'm in … Read More